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Overnighter in Pecos River canyon near El Cerrito, NM
Trip Report
Alex (he/him) April 28, 2024
Burroughs Range, Catskill Mountains, New York
Trip Report
dirtbag April 24, 2024
Micro Spikes Needed
Trip Report
dirtbag March 25, 2024
Dirty Devil Overland March 11 – 23, 2024
Trip Report
nunatak March 24, 2024
good item
Gear Review
Naomi B March 8, 2024
Luxury Item
Gear Review
Naomi B March 8, 2024

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Latest Gear Swap

For Sale (FS) / SOLD – MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe
closed |  $60
Sam Earl April 30, 2024 Canister Stoves - Upright
Want to Buy (WTB) / TarpTent Protrail or other similar tent
Gabe D April 30, 2024 Trekking Pole Tents
For Sale (FS) / NEMO Fillo Elite Pillow (plus a few extras)
open |  $40
Justin Anderson April 30, 2024 Pillows
For Sale (FS) / FS: Dan Durston X-Mid 2p Pro V1
open |  $525
Chad O April 30, 2024 Tarps and Shelters
Want to Buy (WTB) / [WTB] – Kakwa 55, SWD Long Haul, or Cliffrose Virga in Large
Jayachandra Kura April 29, 2024 Internal Frame Backpacks

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