Used this one person tent for many years. ¬†It’s like an old friend. Like a dog drooling, I still get excited when we take it out! But, this tent requires paying close attention to assembly.

Mine ¬†does NOT have the color-coded shock ¬†cord poles or extender ¬†plastic thing, called a “fly-bar” on the top of the inside tent roof ¬†making you have more ¬†internal headroom. ¬†The newer ones have more pockets, some fabric “improvements”, ¬†

different carrying bags and higher price tag; but no big whoop. In fact, ¬†prefer the “old” bags. ¬† For one person, ¬†this seems adequate. ¬†I use an inflated,

insulated Tensor pad under my bag and a clean towel for shoes at doorway of tent; only wear socks inside tent.

Easily transported; fits horizontally in my pack; took to both desert and cold mountain ecosystems with no problems. Smaller footprint; Not well-ventilated when hot; condensation usual issue. With two packers; easier to disburse items and carry. Do not see many of this brand on the usual National Trail systems…. I do not care for door tie back design; there are better options. ¬†I also don’t like the flimsy strings on your tent floor which tie to your fly making the floor space ¬†a bit larger. The string’s black hooks take a lot of dexterity to attach to a teeny loop on ¬†the fly. ¬†Although a good idea, are not practical for clumsy from the cold or fatigue to work well.¬†

There are some internal pockets so you don’t loose stuff in the dark. ¬†The two person tent is probably heavier but more roomy for one person; has 2 doors; ¬†but space ¬†for two questionable. The green fly ¬†for a one person is light and easily hangs on a vertical structure while drying off. ¬†This tent is ¬†pricey and requires, like ALL UL tents, no matter what they say, a lot of care. The UL zippers are fiddly, quiet, but damaged ¬†with harsh use. If you are not focused, you will have problems . I also suggest investing in a footprint. Yes, footprint ¬†pricey and more to carry, but will save your tent ¬†floor and further protect you from creeping ¬†ground chill. Holds up to wind and rain; can be guyed out for more stability. Suggest ¬†lots of practice setting up and trying it all out. ¬†The green fly has to lie just-so with all zippers matched up. I can sit up and dress. When home hang up, inspect, treat zippers and clean. There are probably lighter options available, but this one serves me. I carry the rubber-banded – together shock-poles in one secured backpack ¬†outside side pocket; stakes ¬†for all substrate conditions in another; or have your partner carry items; ¬†also carefully secured. ¬†Suggest setting up in daylight and coating with a Nik-Wax treatment; practice many times at home first. Buy stronger stakes on-line. ¬†Enclosed stakes are just ok. I am a 5’5” 118# female so I have some storage for clothes, water or ¬†pack in this one person tent. ¬†Still, not a lot of extra space. ¬†When this one finally croaks; I’ll likely “look around” and maybe purchase ¬†a Durston 1x pro; probably buy this brand again. It‚Äôs easy.¬†