14° F , -8°F with wind chill up in the Catskill mountains.  I hiked thru this area a few years ago and always wanted to get back up to this spot to camp in the winter.  Now was the time to do it.  Unfortunately,  there was no snow. Plenty of ice though.  It was an easy hike up the mountain.  2 or 3 spots that were sketchy,  covered in thick ice and steep enough where I had to remove my pack and toss it up overhead,  then pull myself up carefully without slipping and breaking a leg or cracking my skull.  My idea of fun and entertaining while slightly challenging.  I found a nice granite slab on a ledge and was able to pitch my tent, abeit a bit wonky and not perfect,  but heck,  the view made up for it and my tent is made for worse spots then this.  Once set up and inside,  it was actually quite comfortable and homely and I was able to lay and sleep perfectly on my Xtherm pad. I used a 15° quilt  which cut it close for keeping me warm as the temperature was a low of about 12°- 14°F.  The wind chill didn’t affect me,  getting around minus 8°F as i was inside the tent. But yes it was cold.  This was definitely the limit I would ever use a 15°  quilt,  now I know for sure.  Overnight was so clear, billions of stars and I was fortunate to see a reddish/Orange shooting star flash bye quickly and seemingly close.  Its these solo trips I truly cherish when every decision I make is strictly my own and for my own well being.  Its my quiet time to relax and reset.  After my camp is made and I know I can take it easy and take it all in,  eat some good food,  enjoy the awesome views and everything mother nature has to display.  I get a luxurious nights sleep knowing I earned it and way cheaper then any 5 star hotel.